Advertising in CMS Notes

Display Advertising

The Canadian Mathematical Society welcomes organizations and corporations wishing to promote their products and services within the all-digital edition of CMS Notes to the mathematical community in Canada and abroad. 

Target your audience by placing an ad in any of our sections that is most relevant to your product, in an article or on the main page of the issue. We can help you find the right location to maximize your target audience. 

Employment Advertisements

Employers posting recruitment advertisements in CMS Notes can also post their ad on the CMS website for the special rate of $60. Please consult our employment opportunities page for more information.


The following rates are in Canadian dollars and based on one advertisement being displayed in one target area in one issue.
Ad type Institutional Members / Library Corporate Members Others
Full page 150.00 175.00 275.00


Publisher's Approval

The Canadian Mathematical Society reserves the right to reject any advertising not  keeping with the publication’s standards.  We will not be responsible for errors in the content of any advertisement.


The advertiser and advertising agency assume sole liability for all content of the advertisement displayed, including without limitation claims of copyright infringement or unfair competition, and they also assume sole responsibility for any claims arising there from against the publisher.


Please submit your advertisement in PDF and JPG formats by the appropriate deadline to Zishad Lak at