2023 Endowment Grants

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Calls for Proposals
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Calls for Proposals
September 2023 (Vol. 55, No. 4)

The Canadian Mathematical Society is pleased to announce the 2023 Endowment Grants Competition.  The CMS Endowment Grants fund projects that contribute to the broader good of the mathematical community.  Projects funded by the Endowment Grants must be consistent with the interests of the CMS: to promote the advancement, discovery, learning and application of mathematics. 

An applicant may be involved in only one proposal per competition as a principal applicant. Proposals must come from CMS members, or, if joint, at least one principal applicant must be a CMS member.

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2023.  Successful applicants will be informed in January 2024 and the grants issued in February 2024.

Further details about the endowment grants and the application process are available on the CMS website here.

The Endowment Grants Committee (EGC) administers the distribution of the grants and adjudicates proposals for projects. The EGC welcomes questions or suggestions you may have on the program. Please contact the Committee by e-mail at chair-egc@cms.math.ca.

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