A Message from the President of the CMS Regarding Anti-Black Racism in Canada and the United States

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June 2020 (Vol. 52, No. 3)

I write with grief and anger about recent events in United States and Canada where Black people have died during incidents involving police. This follows a long history of similar events, and we are now experiencing widespread societal outrage. The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) condemns anti-Black racism and stands in support of Black communities. We join them in demanding justice and equity for all those who are racialized in our society. We must share the responsibility of changing our world for the better and must also examine our own biases as part of that effort.

The CMS is sincere to finding ways to make our world fairer and more inclusive. Recently, the CMS approved the formation of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee and the values of this committee are key to the next steps in moving forward. We have much to do and are proud to be part of a learning and teaching community that is committed to change and is searching for solutions. 

Mark Lewis FRSC
Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Biology

President, Canadian Mathematical Society

Email the author: president@cms.math.ca
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