The Math Problem

Many programs at college or university require math understanding, even if math isn’t the main subject. Students in these math classes have different entry levels, learning styles can struggle with math anxiety or a lack of motivation. On the other side, teachers often don’t have enough time to fully support every student due to large class sizes. Add to that the current remote learning situation and it’s become quite a challenge to teach math to non-math majors.

Bolster’s approach to supporting students

Over the last 10 years, we have been helping teachers and students with our online learning and testing platform, based on principles of guided discovery. Our open math questions allow students to try out different approaches, engaging them to actively discover new knowledge.

The tool is able to interpret and analyze students’ answers, by means of mathematical equivalence, and provice personalized feedback accordingly, every step of the way. Add in randomization of questions, and students can practice as much as they want.

Power to the Teachers

Our testing module allows teachers to administer tests remotely and securely from home. The computer algebra system automatically grades assignments, saving teachers a lot of time. Rich learning analytics help to identify red flags.

In our organizations, the math authors outnumber the developers, hence, we are proud to deliver high quality off the shelf (undergraduate) math and stats courses. However, it’s also possible to add or customize content. Bolster Academy can be integrated into any LMS.

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