Call for Nominations: 2023 CMS Blair Spearman Doctoral Prize

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Calls for Nominations
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Calls for Nominations
December 2022 (Vol. 54, No. 6)

The CMS Blair Spearman Doctoral Prize recognizes outstanding performance by a doctoral student.

Nominations are currently welcomed for the 2023 CMS Blair Spearman Doctoral Prize.Deadline: January 31

The prize is awarded to one recipient of a Ph.D. from a Canadian university whose overall performance in graduate school is judged to be the most outstanding. Although the dissertation will be the most important criterion (the impact of the results, the creativity of the work, the quality of exposition, etc.) it will not be the only one. Other publications, activities in support of students and other accomplishments will also be considered.

Nominations that were not successful in the first competition, will be kept active for a further year (with no possibility of updating the file) and will be considered by the Doctoral Prize Selection Committee in the following year’s competition.


CMS aims to promote and celebrate diversity in the broadest sense. We strongly encourage department chairs and nominating committees to put forward nominations for outstanding candidates for research in the mathematical sciences regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Candidates must be nominated by their university and the nominator is responsible for preparing the documentation described below, and submitting the nomination to the address below. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is indicated above.

The documentation shall consist of:

  • A curriculum vitae prepared by the student.
  • A resumé of the student’s work written by the student and which must not exceed ten pages. The resumé should include a brief description of the thesis and why it is important, as well as of any other contributions made by the student while a doctoral student.
  • Three letters of recommendation of which one should be from the thesis advisor and one from an external reviewer. A copy of the external examiner’s report may be substituted for the latter. More than three letters of recommendation are not accepted.

All documentation, including letters of recommendation, should be submitted electronically, preferably in PDF format, by the deadline date above, to

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