Call of Interest for CMS Committee Membership

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Calls for Nominations
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Calls for Nominations
September 2023 (Vol. 55, No. 4)

Join a CMS Committee!
Call of Interest for CMS Committee Membership

CMS Committee Call

The Canadian Mathematical Society Nominating Committee invites expressions of interest in membership on the following committees.  CMS committee members must hold CMS membership, however applicants need not be current members.  Terms commence on January 1, 2024 and run for 3 years.

Current and upcoming committee vacancies:

    • Education: 1 vacancy
    • Endowment Grants: 2 vacancies (Ontario and Quebec representation preferred)
    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee:  1 vacancy
    • Finance: 1 vacancy
    • Human Rights: 2 vacancies
    • International Affairs:  2 vacancies
    • International Prize: 2 vacancies
    • Invested Funds:  2 vacancies
    • Publications: 2 vacancies
    • Reconciliation in Mathematics: 3 vacancy (Pacific, West, Atlantic)
    • Research: 1 vacancy
    • Women In Mathematics:  2 vacancies (Pacific, Ontario)

Terms of Reference for each committee can be found here.

How to express interest

Please send a Letter of Interest to with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your career stage
  3. Current university or institutional affiliation
  4. Name of committee(s) you wish to join
  5. Expression of interest in the particular committee(s): Why you want to be on this committee, or what you would do on this committee (this can be brief if you have a clear vision, or longer if need be.)
  6. For International Affairs, Publications and Research, please also indicate your research domain

Applicants are encouraged to self-identify. The information will be used by the Nominating Committee to ensure committees are diverse in their representation.  The information may also be used in aggregate to report on CMS equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives. The information provided will be kept confidential.

Please submit your letter no later than November 17, 2023.

Who should apply

We encourage everyone to consider becoming an engaged member of a CMS committee, however, we particularly welcome people who have not previously served with the CMS, or identify with, are connected to, or have experience with historically excluded groups:

    • Racialized, Black, and/or People of Colour (“Visible Minorities”)
    • People with disabilities (including invisible and episodic disabilities)
    • 2SLGBTQIA+ and/or gender and sexually diverse individuals
    • “Aboriginal” and/or Indigenous Peoples (First Nation Peoples, Métis Nation, and Inuit)
    • Women

If you are excited about participating in CMS activities but you aren’t sure if your past experiences align perfectly with a given role/committee, the Nominating Committee encourages you to express your interest.

Determination of membership

Every committee of the CMS operates under its own Terms of Reference (TOR).  The Nominating Committee will take into account the current composition of each committee and its TOR when selecting persons for nomination. Once nominated, approval is required by the CMS Executive and Board prior to appointment.


Feedback on this new approach and suggestions on how to advance diverse representation on CMS committees are welcomed. Please send comments and suggestions to:

One final push

If you have ever wanted to be more involved with the CMS or you would like to champion a particular cause or activity, please submit a Letter of Interest in being a member of a CMS Committee. Sometimes people are hesitant to put themselves forward, or just need some encouragement or support, whether they are a student, post-doc or established veteran. If you know someone who would be a good fit for a CMS committee, please encourage them to submit a Letter of Interest.  Become involved to build a stronger mathematical community!

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