Last year, members of the CMS Board of Directors, staff members and friends of the CMS took time to contact current and past members of the Society (either by email or phone) and thank them for their participation in CMS activities and to encourage them to renew  their CMS membership (if they hadn’t already done so).  This friend-raising and fundraising campaign was very successful and gave members a chance to comment upon what they enjoyed about belonging to the society, as well as constructive advice on how the Society could be improved.

Once again, at the close of the year, the CMS wishes to thank the Canadian mathematical community for its contribution as support. This year, many CMS programs have had to be cancelled or changed and the Society created new programs to meet the new needs of the community stricken now by a global pandemic and the health restrictions that it had imposed. The CMS needs your help now more than ever to continue to thrive and serve both young and established researchers and educators and to foster interest in mathematics in the young generation. If you are not yet a member of the CMS we encourage you to be come one and enjoy the advantages of a CMS membership. If you are already a member we invite you members to give as generously as possible to the CMS.

With your regular donations, as well as those from foundations, corporations, governments and institutions, the CMS programs and activities will be expanded as will our ability to truly represent the full community of Mathematicians in Canada.

The CMS encourages you to consider donations through Planned Giving.

You can also help by:

  • If you have contacts in private industry or with foundations, with whom the CMS can form potential partnerships, please communicate this information to Zishad Lak, CMS Fundraising and Communications Officer.
  • If you  are interested in volunteering for a CMS committee, please contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Alexandre Girouard (Laval) –
  • Encourage colleagues to become members of the CMS!

Working together, we can continue to promote the advancement, discovery, learning, and application of mathematics. If you have questions or want more information, please contact Zishad Lak at