Picture of Edna JamesEvery year, the CMS posts 9 weekly problems by Nicolae Strungaru (Grant MacEwan University) leading up to the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge. We select a cross section of problems from a variety of national and regional contests that we hope will stimulate interest in problem solving and prepare students to write the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge in November. The problem areas are not tied to particular grade levels, or to the curriculum. They cover a number of areas including, but not limited to algebra, logic, and some geometry. 

In 2019, with the assistance of Dr. Edna James, Assistant Professor from Algoma University, the CMS was able to publish video solutions to go along with each problem. Edna worked tirelessly to provide detailed video solutions for each problem, which lent a new dimension to the Problem of the Week. She says:


It has been a breath of fresh air to widen my audience and get a chance to share my passion for mathematics once again.  That mutual enthusiasm and excitement between student and teacher about communicating mathematics was what inspired me to be a professor in the first place.

Edna is also a member of the CMS Competitions Committee and volunteered to take on this momentous project. The CMS would like to thank Edna for her outstanding work and her contribution to the COMC.

Nicolae Strungaru’s COMC 2019
Problems of the Week

with video solutions from
Edna James

Nicolae Strungaru’s COMC 2019 Problems of the Week can be found at https://cms.math.ca/Competitions/COMC/2019/potw.html

Edna James’ video solutions for these problems can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAexaEANmXC9e7O-Fzh7-Ng/videos