Over 650 mathematicians were welcomed to The Chelsea Hotel in Toronto for the 2019 CMS Winter Meeting from December 6-9th. Participants attended 33 scientific sessions; six plenary lectures; three prize lectures and one public lecture over the course of the meeting. The plenary lecturers were Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton); Sarah Mayes-Tang(Toronto);  Antonio Montalban (California, Berkeley); Kirsten Morris(Waterloo); Malabika Pramanik (UBC), and Lauren K. Williams(Harvard).

This winter the CMS continued to offer three-hour mini courses on Friday December 6th. There were ten mini courses in diverse areas of mathematics which took place in the morning and afternoon before the plenary lecture.

The official conference opened on Friday evening with David Earn (McMaster) giving a talk on ‘The Patterns of Plagues’. Following the public lecture the University of Waterloo Balinese Gamelan Musical Ensemble performed a percussion dominated musical ensemble from the Island of Bali, Indonesia.  Next, attendees got to network and catch over some food and drink at the welcome reception. 

The Student Poster Awards were also presented at the banquet: AARMS Prize: David Miyamoto (Toronto); CMS President’s Prize: Kyle Bryenton (PEI); and CMS Student Committee Prize: Aaron Slobodin (Victoria).

During the 2019 Winter Meeting attendees were able to network with peers and like-minded individuals at the Equity and Diversity in Mathematics Luncheon on Saturday as well as an LGBTQ+ Lunchtime Discussion on Sunday. Attendees also had the option of childcare during the meeting which was complimentary for CMS members.

On Sunday December 8th the CMS Awards Banquet recognized the 2019 CMS Award winners: They are: Dr. Mikhail Karpukin (California, Irvine) recipient of the Doctoral prize; Dr. Jacob Tsimerman (Toronto) recipient of the Coxeter James Prize; Tina Hohn (MacEwan) recipient of the Adrien Pouliot Prize; Professor Karl Dilcher (Dalhousie) recipient of the Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service; Dr. Lars Louder(University College London) and Dr. Henry Wilton (Cambridge) recipients of the G. de B. Robinson Award; and Dr. Catherine Sulem (Toronto) recipient of the CRM-Fields Award. The banquet was preceded by a speech by Anna Krokhine, 2019 EGMO team member and medalist who discussed the future of mathematics for youth and women.

Congratulations to the second Inaugural Class of Fellows who were recognized at the CMS Winter Meeting Banquet on December 8th, 2019 for their significant contributions to the profession and to the Canadian mathematical community. The following inaugural fellows were recognized:

Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill)
James G. Arthur (Toronto)
Karl H. Dilcher (Dalhousie)
George A Elliott (Toronto)
Joel S. Feldman (UBC Vancouver)
Neal Madras (York)
Javad Mashreghi (Laval)
Ján Mináč (Western)
Monica Nevins (Ottawa)
Bruce L.R. Shawyer (Memorial)
Cameron Stewart (Waterloo)

Putting on such a meeting requires much dedication and hard work and would not be possible without the efforts of the scientific directors, the session organizers, and the CMS staff.  Jane Heffernan, and Patrick Ingram (York University), the Scientific Directors, put a tremendous amount of hard work into bringing an attractive and varied program and greatly deserve our thanks.

The CMS would like to acknowledge the financial support from York University, The University of Toronto, PIMS, FIELDS, CRM, AARMS, University of Waterloo, McMaster University and The University of Toronto, Scarborough, and Professor Catherine Mavriplis from the University of Ottawa in her role as NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering.