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October 2020 : Vol. 52, No. 5
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Call for Texts

COVID-related texts for CMS Notes‘ Research Notes

If you’re doing mathematical modelling, studying genes, working with industry to bring protective equipment into production, analyzing epidemiological data, or applying mathematics to your anti-coronavirus effort, and can spare a little time to write a brief description or a note on methodology, or a preliminary description of tentative results for us – anywhere from a paragraph to a few page – we’d like to hear from you, and will fast-track publication to keep it timely.

Send your texts to Zishad Lak (zlak@cms.math.ca) or to Patrick Ingram (pingram@yorku.ca)

Attend the education sessions at the CMS Virtual Winter Meeting in December and discuss challenges and strategies of online learning with other educators.

When: December 4-7
Where: Whova App
Register and download the application at: www.winter20.math.ca