Call for University Hosts: Winter ’25 / Summer ’27

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March 2023 (Vol. 55, No. 2)

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) welcomes and invites host proposals from Canadian Universities for the 2025 CMS Winter Meeting, and the CMS Summer Meeting for 2027.

CMS will provide all logistical support and contract negotiation with local venues. CMS is looking for Canadian Universities that are willing and able to showcase their department and University to students and faculty from across Canada. It is asked that proposals include the following information:

1. Location

  • How would people get from the airport to the venue?
  • What are the reasons your city may be of interest to Canadian Mathematicians?

2. Site

(For summer meetings) Describe the University where the meeting would be held.

  • Which building would the meeting be in and how many rooms are available for meeting sessions and plenaries?
  • What technological support is available in session rooms?
  • Will these rooms be available during the proposed dates?

(For winter meetings) Do you have a venue in mind for the meeting, is your University available to host the meeting onsite? If not, CMS will find a property outside the university.

3. Lodging

Is your university able to offer any residence lodging during the conference dates? CMS will take care of contracting and negotiating with hotels.

4. Host University

Please describe your institution and department briefly.

  • What funding support will the Host University have for the CMS Meeting?
  • Is the University available for regular calls and updates on the meeting’s progress?
  • Can the Host University commit and provide at least one scientific director for the meeting?
  • What level of participation do you think there might be from academics at your institution?

The CMS Meetings typically run from Friday to Monday on the first weekend in June and December but we are open to other possibilities. Summer meetings typically have 250-350 registrants and winter meetings are typically 400-600 in larger cities. Please admit your submissions to Sarah Watson (

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